Why you need LED Display?

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LED Displays are a better way to communicate with your customers, staff, students, guests, visitors, anyone! Discover how the POWER of LED’s can increase your bottom line. LED displays will help increase your profits, increase your sales, give your business a professional image and increase customer satisfaction. LED displays require virtually no maintenance, have extremely low energy consumption and feature attention-getting colors. LED signs have become the advertising and promotion choice of business owners everywhere.outdoor single color led display

  • Bank and Financial Institutions
  • Automotive Sales and Service
  • Self Storage
  • Restaurants
  • General Retail
  • Schools
  • Church
  • Government Military
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Material Handling
  • Transportation
  • Rail and Transit
  • Airports
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Theaters and Cinemas

LED displays attract potential customers passing your premises and they inform customers who have entered your site. LED displays can be updated instantaneously to inform your customers, staff, students, guests and visitors of recent changes. Let your students know that a class has been moved or has been cancelled. Direct incoming visitors to the vacant sections of your parking lot. Direct your hotel guests to the locations of their specific conferences.

Magen can provide you with an outdoor or indoor display to meet your needs, with the software and interface to operate the display and train your staff to use it effectively. Magen features the ALPHA Eclipse Outdoor Series: and the ALPHA Indoor Series:. ALPHA and ALPHAVISION LED products are available in monochromatic or tri-color LEDs, with a contemporary design to blend into any interior.

ALPHA LED Display messages can be set up and revised instantaneously. Change your display as often and as frequently as necessary, with a minimum of labour.

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