betabrite window display

betabrite window display

Attract Potential Customers with a BETAbrite Window Display

Adaptive’s full line of BETAbrite® Window Displays brings the attention grabbing features of an outdoor LED display right into your window.  If code or cost restrictions limit your ability to put up an outdoor LED display, then the Betabrite Window Display is the perfect fit to provide the advertising punch you are looking for.  Here are some of the exciting features available on these new models.betabrite window display

  • RGB or Monochrome Red options
  • 10mm pixel pitch
  • Available in 6 different sizes to fit common window widths
  • RGB models consist of 1 red/1 green/1 blue led per pixel
  • Monochrome Red models consist of 1 red led per pixel
  • Programmed with intuitive Betabrite XL software or AlphaNet
  • Manually adjustable brightness via the software allows for the flexibility to use these as ultra-bright indoor displays
  • All units include software, 50ft Ethernet cable, and 115VAC line cord
  • Optional wireless kit available to connect your display to an existing LAN
  • Able to use Alpha Protocol, so they are compatible with systems already built using our Alpha Indoor Line or can be integrated into new applications
  • One-Year Limited Warranty


Full Color Window Display Sample Video



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